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Large Wooden Tray – Dry Flowers

Large Wooden Tray – Dry Flowers


Tray is handcrafted by Arul from Pondicherry. It is made from flowers and leaves grown in his garden and protected by a sheet. It is easily washable and you can use for years.

Size: Length 40cm x Width 28cm x Height 2.5cm

(Delivery charges applicable)

To buy this product, Please call or WhatsApp:
Anita DE CANAGA +91 9952401471


  • About Organisation:

    ‘Helping Arts’ supports local artisans from Pondicherry, to keep their art alive and give them a better quality of life. The platform wishes to spread awareness among people to use sustainable products in daily lives, designed and handcrafted by local artisans, and thus avoid Plastic and maintain our surroundings clean and green.

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